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This eBook will walk you through the capabilities and options for updating your vehicle to take advantage of the latest automotive adhesive technologies.

Updating the Automotive Adhesives in Your Design Specs_shadows

You'll learn how to:

  • Strengthen structural bonds while reducing weight
  • Ease the difficulty joining dissimilar materials
  • Mitigate the stresses of sun, sound, vibration, and impacts
  • Improve aesthetics in your design
  • Craft better seals against wind, moisture, corrosion, and heat
  • Easily protect parts during packaging and shipping
  • Incorporate new adhesives for the windows, body, cabin, and under the hood
  • And more!
LINTEC Auto knows firsthand the powerful advantages that pressure-sensitive film and tape adhesives have contributed to the booming automotive adhesive market.  After reading this guide, you’ll know how and why automakers around the world are refreshing their design specs to solve the challenges of tomorrow’s vehicles.